First of all, we're happy to announce that whether or not you attended the conferences in the past, all the talks are now free to watch. There is a lot of quality content in there so don't miss it!


With an avalanche of grants and all sorts of new funding initiatives, the question of how to fund Bitcoin development has received a lot of attention in the last months. Here is our take on what the current funding landscape looks like and where it may be heading. One of the recent grantees is Tanked Hase, who wrote for us a piece to explain his work on a seedless wallet toolbox, Photon SDK.


A ton is also going on in Bitcoin development itself, so we have you covered with an overview of the latest Bitcoin technical projects as of end of August, as well as a summary of the 10 major Lightning developments of 2020. Now, whatever we think of it, Ethereum based DeFi projects have also attracted considerable attention and capital during the summer. In the meantime, a number of "Bitcoin DeFi" projects are under development and are well worth digging into.


Finally, as you all know, Bitcoin is not a toy project anymore and has grown into a full-blown industry. We covered two aspects of this growth this month: first, with Teggy Altankhuyag, Coinfloor's COO, about her (positive and exciting) experience as a woman in a Bitcoin company; second, with Philip Glazman, developer at River Financial, about how they leverage cutting-edge Bitcoin innovations such as Segwit, Lightning or Taproot to improve how they serve their customers.

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